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I present to you a short business profile of KoBot Engineering.

KoBot Engineering started in 1991. Its main target industry and service then, as it is now, was to provide high quality tooling and machine parts for can and canning equipment. The premises at 29 Triangle Street, Huguenot was designed and built to offer this very specific tool and machine parts service. During the years that followed, KoBot expanded its service offering and included continuous improvement initiatives to machine assemblies and at request, a machine rebuilding service.


Service Delivery

Below is an overview of KoBot’s facilities and engineering skill complement:


Service potential


Factory area


+/- R4.5m property value

5x CNC Machines

3x axis capabilities

+/- R3.5m investment

5x Lathes

Up to 520mm dia. x 1.5m length

+/- R600 000 investment

3x Grinders

Up to 300mm dia. x 1.0m

+/- R1.5m investment

5x Milling machines

Up to x=350mm & Y=1200mm

+/- R600 000 investment


Up to 1micron tolerance

+/- R800 000 investment. Temperature controlled environment.



10x Artisans

High precision work


3x Seamer specialists

65 years industry expertise

Machine rebuilding projects

3x Administration

Costing & Accounts

MRP system planned

Machine rebuilding

40/50P, FMC, MB6, CR334, CAMERON 226 etc.

Industry standards and improvements through modifications applied.

Reverse engineering

Making use of specialists design and reverse engineering specialists

Cost effective parts and assemblies for machines to replace expensive imported units

Design Draughtsman

Machine and component design

Outsourced service


Factory: The current premises have become too small for the current workload and service offering. Plans are in place to build a new factory with adequate facilities to house all current and planned services under one roof. We are currently renting an additional workshop.


CNC Machines:  KoBot’s machining focus has been in low volume, high precision work. With demand for this service on the increase, it has become essential for KoBot to invest in new technology and skills.

Skills: Kobot’s skills focus is on high precision work and quality service delivery.

Administration: There are plans in place to deploy an MRP system that will improve the overall effectiveness of the business. The system and disciplines will yield benefits for both KoBot and its customers. One of the customer benefits will be a web enabled order querying and analysis service.

Machine Rebuilding: This service is becoming very essential to this industry. Our customers are DivFood, Tiger Brands, Bull Brand, Rhodes Food Group, Swazi Canners, Del Monte SA and Kenya, Colcom Canning in Zimbabwe. Our aim is to expand this service to the fishing and milk canning industries.

Machine Parts: We manufacture machine parts for the above customers and have been appointed as a preferred supplier of DivFood machine parts. We have also supplied HG Molenaar with Angelus 40/50P machine parts that were not readily importable.


Tooling: As mentioned above, DivFood have appointed KoBot as preferred supplier to manufacture seamer parts and tooling for their components, this has been done to ensure that DivFood tooling standards are applied and maintained in their operations. This appointment has also been done by DivFood because they regard KoBot as a service provider that can honour intellectual property confidentiality and DivFood regard KoBot as an associate in their business. We supply the canning industry with machine tooling that is manufactured to the DivFood design standard as agreed in the preferred supplier contractual agreement.

Service Continuity

KoBot parts and services have been employed in Tiger Brands operations and other canneries since 1992. There are machine parts that have been functioning for up to SEVEN YEARS without failure. This can be confirmed and should be seen by Tiger Management as a value adding benefit. It is KoBot’s wish to form an alliance with its customers so that they may grow their business.

It is a well known fact that skills in our industry are slowly disappearing. KoBot wants to be regarded as a contributor, that will add value to Tiger’s skills base, and work with Tiger at continuously improve their machines by building a long and trustworthy relationship. This will be done by sharing knowledge with Tiger’s key mechanical personnel, and assisting them in setting and keeping their machines in good running condition.

Continuous Improvement – 40/50P Seamer Heads

The thinner tinplate materials used in the production of cans require a more reliable double seam construction system, and working with thinner cans will require better seamer mechanical skills.

The improvements made to this seaming head will assist the seamer mechanic in constructing a safe and reliable double seam. KoBot has invested in an improved head design for the Angelus seamer and together with key customers are planning to install these prototypes to verify these benefits.


I have presented you with a brief of KoBot’s business profile and hope that you will view my business as a potential contributor to yours. KoBot’s aim is to be seen as a trustworthy associate that you can rely and call upon whenever the need arises. KoBot has plans to grow into a service provider that the canning industry will regard as preferred and their only choice.

Thank You.

Kobus Botha

(For KoBot Engineering)



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